How Packaging Affects Your Cargo

Buyers and sellers have a lot to consider when shipping cargo, however, packaging material should also be given great consideration, in order to mitigate loss and damage. Product packaging serves an essential role in the supply chain, and is a key link for distribution, and damage and replacement costs. What role does packaging play when […]

Pre-Shipment Inspections are Important

Pre-shipment inspections, commonly referred to as PSI, are strongly encouraged due to their ability to control supply-side management, and ensure the procurement of cargo as per its desired state. Most cargo, ranging from industrial goods,to household cargo, is shipped to North America, but manufactured or sourced from all over the world. The world is a […]

My Cargo is Damaged… Now What?

The volume of cargo transported all over the world, on a daily basis, to so many countries is really astounding. So many of the everyday items we use are supplied to us as a result of the trade agreements established between countries and via cargo ships or planes as the medium of transport.  Most of […]

What to Expect at Your Boat Survey?

A marine boat survey can be helpful for several reasons: • Determining the actual value of your vessel • Maintaining the vessel’s mechanical and structural integrity • Determining any repairs needed • Insurance purposes Different types of Surveys A boat survey can fall into different categories, including: • Damage survey – Assess the extent of damage […]